SMe provides a comprehensive solution for either complete projects or any phase of its phases.

SMe professionals have taken part in the following projects:


2009 Medical equipment and general services for the 120 beds El Hadjar Hospital near Annaba (Algeria)

2008 Medical re-equipment of 3 Hospitals and 4 Health Centers on the Bengala Coast (Angola)

2008 Turnkey equipment of the “EHU 1er Novembre 1954″ – Oran (Algeria)

2008 The complete medical equipment for the 240 beds Hospital of Skikda (Algeria)

2006 The complete equipment of the Regional Hospital of Lobito (Angola)

2002 The complete medical equipment of the Clinic “Les Amandiers” (Algeria)

1999/2001 The re-equipment (medical equipment and general services) of 7 Hospitals and 5 Health Centers in Kenya

1999 The complete medical equipment of the Mekhalfa Clinic (Algeria)


2010 – 2012 Turnkey equipment of the Instituto Nacional del Cáncer Rosa Emilia de Tavares (Dominican Republic)

2010 Re-equipment of 3 Hospitals (Escuela, San Felipe and Instituto Nacional Cardio-Pulmonar) in Tegucigalpa (Honduras)

2003 Turnkey construction and equipment of the “Los Alcarrizos Hospital” (Dominican Rep.)

1999-2000 Complete medical equipment of the Herrera Hospital, construction and equipment of 12 Regional Health Centers (Dominican Rep.)

2003 Educational and medical re-equipment for Teaching Hospitals in Brazil

2000 Complete medical equipment of the Hospital of Viedma (Bolivia)

1996 Medical re-equipment for the “Nación Argentina” project.

1995 Medical re-equipment of 5 Hospitals anf 38 Health Centers in Bolivia


2001 – 2010 Medical re-equipment of more than 30 Health centers in China during the 10 last years

2008 Medical re-equipment of the “Bac Ninh Hospital” (Vietnam)

2008 Medical re-equipment of the “Gia Lai Hospital” (Vietnam)

2008 Medical re-equipment of the “Quang Nam Hospital” (Vietnam)

2003 Medical re-equipment of the “Tay-Ninh Hospital” (Vietnam)


2010-2011 Technical support for the PPP project related to the “Cartagena y Mar Menor Hospital”, Murcia Region, Spain

2009 Medical equipment of 62 Regional Health Centers in Moldavia