The experience of its professionals gives SMe a wide knowledge of the sector to effectively choose the most relevant international manufacturers. The continued collaboration with manufacturers makes it possible to offer their products with the best value-for-money.

In order to include your products in the projects, this requires:

  • Proven quality.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Technical documentation and manuals in the most common languages (Spanish, French, English).
  • A suitable response time.

SMe integrates your products in the projects undertaken:

  • Ensuring the quality of equipment supplied.
  • Providing technical assistance and training.
  • Introducing and presenting your products in the markets in which it operates.


SMe hires local firms in each country to guarantee the after-sales services of each project.

Radiotherapy - Bunker Linac

If you are not part of our network of Suppliers and Manufacturers yet, kindly send us the following information:

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